Blu's Tale Foundation, Raising Awareness For Canine Epilepsy was set up after my family and I fostered and then adopted a dog called Blu who was abandoned because he has Epilepsy.

On 31st March 2013 Blu had 15 Grand Mals, over 10 minor seizures and went into Epi Status within 3 days. Over these very long 3 days Blu was in and out of the Animal Hospital, it ended up with him being admitted on the evening of Tuesday 2nd April fighting for his life as he was not coming out of his seizures. It was at this time we realised that there was little to no support for families dealing with this condition with their dogs.

The aim of the foundation is to give support to families of dogs with epilepsy. To raise much needed awareness of this condition, to help educate the public and to raise much need funds for research in to Canine Epilepsy.