My name is Molly and I live in Lincoln, UK

It was one evening in early febuary 2013 our lives were to change!! We had a normal sunday we had taken the dogs up to the beach for a walk they love the beach running through sand and sniffing at everything they can find arrived home for sunday dinner when we could hear a scratching sound went to see what molly and alfie were up to, when luke my partner found molly in full seizure I panicked and I burst into tears I actually thought she was dying!! Another seizure followed in the middle of the night she was straight the vets the monday morning all bloods came back normal molly was healthy and happy.So off we went 2weeks later this happened again so we went back to the vets again and it was told yes molly must have epilepsy and meds were started. I couldn't believe my gorgeous happy girl could have this molly has just turned 4 and is a labrador cross. We've had such a big change in our lives every twitch every movement we are on edge thinking a seizure is about to rear it's ugly head. Molly has struggled to adjust to pexion so we are on another med change again which has resulted in a few midnight trips to the emergency! ! Now back to epiphen along with potassium bromide fingers crossed this is going to be the perfect combination.  Our lives have changed with having an epi dog but it only makes our bond stronger she is a pampered princess she loves her mummy and daddy cuddles and playing with alfie our 8 yr old collie even though he sometimes likes the peace better. She loves sharing toast with daddy its her favourite thing!!. We take each day as it comes and make every day count the longest she has gone without any seizures is 3 weeks its normally every 2weeks with anything between 4-9 seizures in that day! ! I had never heard of epilepsy in dogs until our lives changed with molly. Some people ask why we let her suffer and don't have her put to sleep she's just a dog to us she is not just a dog or pet she is our furbaby part of our family would you take your epileptic child to be put down?? No is the answer so why should we do this to a part of our family. Hopefully one day we can go a longer period with seizures but we will fight to the end and do what ever necessary for our girl!