Welcome to our events page

At Blu's Tale Foundation we have a number of events through out the year. On the week of 26th March we team up with Purple Day and hold a Facebook Auction to raise much needed money for Canine Epilepsy Research.

Between April and October we travel around the UK taking part in different events speaking to the pubic about canine epilepsy and meeting new owners with epileptic dogs.

Our last event of the year is fun on the first Sunday of November - Epilepsy Awareness Month - People all over the world get together with their friends, put on their boots and walk for Epilepsy Awareness

If you would like to know more about any of the above events and how you can take part or what shows we will be attending please click on the links below,

  • Purple Day Auction

    Our purple day facebook auction will be held on the week of 26th March each year.

  • Dog Shows

    Blu's Tale Foundation attends dog shows around the UK each year. Click on the link to see where we will be next.

  • Walking For Blu and Angels Walk For Blu

    Fancy meeting up with friends and family, go for your favourite walk and raise awareness for epilepsy. All you have to do is click on the link and find out how you join in