Our Aim

Here at Blu’s Tale Foundation we have 4 aims. Our first aim is to support families with dogs that suffer with Canine Epilepsy. Our second aim is to raise vital funds for Canine Epilepsy Research so that we can gain more knowledge that will help to manage the condition better. Our third aim is to spread awareness of the condition within the public so that they can be better informed and our last aim is to one day get a cure for Canine Epilepsy.

Our Story

Blu’s Tale Foundation was started to give back after we had help from friends, family and strangers when Blu our rescue pup was very poorly with his Epilepsy. Everyone helped us to raise £1,800 so that we could get Blu an MRI and on to a Food trial with the Royal Veterinary College in London. We truly believe this is what started his road to recovery and bringing his seizures under control. Because Blu’s epilepsy was a pre known condition it is not covered on his insurance and this is unfortunately why so many dogs with this condition who are abandoned do not find a forever home.

Meet the Team

Victoria McGuckin 

Founder & CEO

Email: victoria.mcguckin@blus-tale-foundation.co.uk

Blu The Dog: Figure head of the foundation

Rob McGuckin

Treasure/ Website designer

Andy Bridle

Events Organiser

Email: andy.bridle@blus-tale-foundation.co.uk

If you have any events you would like us to attend. 

Sarah Toop

Product Co ordinator

Email: sarah.toop@blus-tale-foundation.co.uk

If you have a product you would be interested in the foundation selling in our shop/on our trade stand or have something you would like to donate to our auction that raises money for Canine Epilepsy Research. 

Shelly Latshaw

Support Group Co ordinator


Shelly lives in the United States of America and helps provide advise as to what to discuss with your vets, where in the USA you maybe able to buy your dogs medication from and offers emotional support to families with dogs suffering from Canine Epilepsy.

Shelly’s own dog Niko suffers with epilepsy and was diagnosed 6 years ago.