The RVC has research projects that you can help and get involved with, with your dog. Please see information below:

They are currently looking for Labradors to join a the following project. If you can help and would like to get involved please contact the RVC

IDEAS (Idiopathic Epilepsy & Anxiety Study) – this project is looking at the relationship between idiopathic epilepsy and anxiety by comparing results of behaviour tasks (food reward based training tasks) and samples (urine, faeces, saliva, buccal swab and hair) between dogs with and without epilepsy. This one involves a one-off visit for ~2 hours to RVC in Hertfordshire.

The RVC is nearly at the end of this project, so they are only looking for Labradors both with and without epilepsy that can visit us by 12th July 2019 – they hoping we can find about 5 more Labs with epilepsy in the next couple of weeks

LifeTIME (Long Term remission Mct Epilepsy://

Is a diet trial that requires 5 visits to RVC in Herts and a diet over a year. Recruiting any breed of dog with idiopathic epilepsy but they need to have not experienced status or cluster seizures (this is because the diet has been shown to work in more severe cases of epilepsy so this trial is specifically looking at dogs with less severe epilepsy).