Welcome to Blu’s Tale Foundation. 

The foundation was established by our Founder Victoria McGuckin as a way of helping other families with dogs that suffer from Canine Epilepsy after they where helped by people from around the world.

This is Blu’s Story.

Blu was tide up and left outside of his vets because his owners were no longer able to care for his medical needs. I was part of a rescue and as soon as I saw Blu’s appeal I just knew I had to help him. So started to talk to the kind people I to take him in. If they were willing to give him a chance I was willing to open my home to him. Blu had not been assessed, we did not know what he was like with other dogs, children or what his temperament was. We did know that he had epilepsy and that this was controlled by medication and that if a foster could not be found he was going to be put to sleep.
The area coordinators chatted… I spoke to my area coordinator who asked if I had seen a dog have a fit.. I said no but that I had seen a person fit and it couldn’t be much different to that… to be honest it isn’t.
They decided that they would help Blu and on Monday 11th February 2013 at 8.30pm I headed to my mum’s so that I could collect Blu from the kennels on Tuesday 12th February 2013. This is where Blu’s Tale begins..

I picked Blu up form the Kennels it took me about an hour to get him into the car. He had no trust in anyone and here I was another stranger… where was I going to take him now… for 3.5 hours on our way home in the car Blu barked, and barked and barked. He was very nervous coming into our house and it took him a good week before he properly settled down.
Well over the next few weeks Blu started to learn how to play with Nikita (our Siberian pup, she was 4.5 months at the time) and toys. He learnt that he was allowed to have cuddles on the sofa like the rest of the pups, and all was good. A lot of amazing people were interested in adopting Blu but for one reason or another they feel through, until Chloe and Lewis Kelly. They had fallen in love with him and wanted to adopt Blu. With the fits and extra cost of medication that Blu needed not being a problem. All was going great until Easter weekend 2013 when the fits hit.

Easter weekend started the same as any weekend but then:

On Saturday evening Blu started to act not like the Blu we had come to love. He was barking all the time and pacing the house up and down. He was in and out of the garden and not really paying any attention to anything. However Rob and I just took it that this was another step on his road to feeling loved. Like normal, he dropped off to sleep at the bottom of the bed but at about 3am Rob just jumped up and said, “fit fit fit, Blus is fitting, move Nikita.” Then we just counted how long it lasted. For the rest of the night Rob sat with the living room door open and Blu walked in and out but was never the Blu we love. He seemed so upset and confused. At about 6am he fell asleep, pretty much as he sat down. He then spent the all of Sunday and Monday fitting every 3 to four hours and the fits were very heavy, scary and upsetting. We took Blu to the Vet’s on Monday for an intravenous injection of Diazepam as his fits were coming to fast for him to fully recover. He was becoming so low on energy he couldn’t even stand up. After the trip to the vets on Easter Monday, he had two more fits in the evening but they seemed to stabilize and on Tuesday we thought we were over the worst of it. However on Tuesday evening he had 3 fits in 45 minutes, all lasted over 65 seconds and he never fully came out of the fits. He was now micro fitting every few minutes and I wasn’t even at home. I was taking Zeus to his foster home.

Rob called me to tell me what was going on and I had to call Suzi to ask for help. Suzi and Heather gave us permission to do what was needed. So Rob took him to our Vets hospital but in the surgery Blu fitted again. This was his 15th fit since 3am on Sunday. Even the vet was very upset at what she had just seen as it was such a bad fit. The vets went into full swing and we had to carry Blu through to the hospital treatment area, as Blu had no energy left to stand up, let alone walk. With a tear, Rob gave Blu a big hug and kiss but to be honest he didn’t expect Blu to be leaving hospital. He was expecting the call to say you need to come and give Blu that last hug. When Rob told me I said “no way. If they call and tell you that then you tell them no. Not until I get home. He’s not leaving without my hug:.

However needless to say Blu fought through it and on Wednesday we brought him home again. However don’t be fooled, Blu was still not Blu, he was weak, jumpy, scared and confused. He was like this until we got him on some extra drugs on the Friday but he now has so many drugs to take we feel it’s unfair.

My vet told us of a trial that was going on at the royal veterinary college. The trial was controlling Idiopathic Canine Epilepsy with food… I wanted to help Blu in every way we could. Blu qualified for the trial all bar and MRI and because he was a rescue dog we were unsure if he had ever had one to confirm Idiopathic Epilepsy.

I was desperate so I appealed on Facebook.. “10,000 Likes wont pay for an MRI for my rescue dog but someone may see this and be able to help” and opened a “youcaring” account. Donations were coming in but I was being constantly asked what is Canine Epilepsy, so after careful consideration I put a video up of Blu fitting. The video was one we needed to show our vets. Within 4 days of this video it had been shared viewed 27,000 times and shared over 800 times. Blu started the trial with the RVC 2 weeks later and since the trial Blu has gone from 3-15 fits over 1-3 days every 2 months to 3-4 seizures a year. We are so proud of him; he is our inspiration and the fighting force behind Blu’s Tale Foundation… So that other dogs can get the same chance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Vic and Blu xx

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