At Blu’s Tale Foundation we work really hard with the Royal Veterinary College in London. They have a specific Canine Epilepsy research department headed by Professor Hogler Volk.

If your pup is really poorly with their epilepsy you could speak to your vets about a referral to the RVC neurology service. Your vet can contact the RVC Queen Mother Hospital on 01707 666366 or at

About the RVC

We are a team of neurology specialists, behaviour scientists, vets and biologists who are working to find new ways to better diagnose and treat epilepsy and its co-morbidities in our canine companions.

RVC Epilepsy Pet Tracker

The RVC has developed an Epilepsy tracker that you can download to your smart phone at

iphone link –

android link –

For general enquiries, or for questions about the RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker, please email:

The Royal Veterinary College’s free pet epilepsy tracker app is a new and interactive way to manage your pet’s epilepsy. Key features include:

• Seizure log: allowing you to record the details of your pet’s seizures, including what they look like, what happens during and after them, and how often they have them

• Medication log: allowing you to record details of all of your pet’s medications, their doses and how often they should be given

• Medication reminders: allowing you to set up a reminder alarm for when you should give your pet their medication, allowing for separate alarms for each medication prescribed

• My Pet: allowing you to record your pet’s details, including information about their epilepsy diagnosis and tests carried out, a notes function to record any questions you want to ask your vet, and a contacts log to save details of relevant professionals to have quick access to

• Export function: allowing you to package and send your pet’s seizure diary, medication diary and medical history by email to your vet or any other email account

• Sharing function: for you to anonymously share your pet’s medical history, seizure and medication diaries with the RVC to contribute to future research into canine epilepsy

• Educational material: a wealth of information is included in the app, from the basics of what epilepsy is, how it is diagnosed and identifying different seizure types, to practical advice on what to do when a seizure strikes and good medication practice.
Free, no subscription fees.

Every effort is made to ensure that all information is correct within the app. Please note that information is intended primarily for a UK audience and may change after publishing of the app. This information is not a substitute for advice from your own vets. RVC is not responsible for any actions taken as a result of using this information.

If you would like to donate directly towards the RVC research department, please follow the link below, or text EPIL15 £amount to 70070